Dranetz TR-2510B Current Transformer with 30″ Cable

Manufacturer: Dranetz/BMI
Model Number: TR-2510B
1A-10ARMS CT Probes listed here are compatible with Dranetz portable instruments: Dranetz HDPQ® Xplorer, Dranetz HDPQ® Guide, Dranetz HDPQ® Visa, PowerXplorer, PowerGuide, PowerVisa, PowerGuia, Energy Platform, PP4300, 658 with CA4300 adapter; and Dranetz permanent instruments: Encore 61000 with 61MAC module, Signature System 5513. Adapters are available for use with other instrument configurations; contact us for details. Dranetz recommends only Dranetz-brand probes be used with Dranetz power quality equipment. OP01 includes: TREXT30 = 30' cable.


1.5V Output Dranetz Hypertronics connector 3-meter cable

Frequency Range: 40Hz to 5KHz

Maximum Conductor Size: 15mm dia.

Rated Voltage: 600V Max.

Compatible with Dranetz Portable Power Quality Analyzers

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