Tektronix DPO4PWR Power Analysis Application Module

Manufacturer: Tektronix
Model Number: DPO4PWR
With the DPO4PWR Power Analysis Module installed on a MDO4000 or MSO/DPO4000 Series oscilloscope, an embedded designer who rarely deals with power measurements can quickly get the same accurate, repeatable results as a power supply expert. DPOxPWR with a MDO4000 or MSO/DPO4000 Series oscilloscope and differential voltage and current probes forms a complete measurement system for power supply design and test. DPO4PWR provides a number of specific measurements to characterize power supplies: Switching Component Analysis, Input Analysis, and Output Analysis. Enables quick and accurate analysis of power quality, switching loss, harmonics, safe operating area (SOA), modulation, ripple, and slew rate (dI/dt, dV/dt).



1 lb.

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