Free One-Month Rental

As an incentive to come back and work with ConRes Test Equipment for your lab and engineering equipment needs, we’re currently offering previous customers an exclusive, one-month free rental* of the Rohde & Schwartz® CMW500 universal test platform for RF integration and protocol development. 

Rohde & Schwartz CMW500

The Rohde & Schwarz CMW500 Wideband Radio Communication Tester includes a fully integrated end-to-end data solution that permits comprehensive IP throughput and quality measurements. Thanks to the internal fading simulator, it’s easy to perform tests under realistic propagation conditions. The Rohde & Schwartz CMW500 can be used in all lifecycle phases – from product development to production to service. 

  • Network emulation: RF Tests under realistic conditions 

    Rohde & Schwartz CMW500 emulates the base station for all major cellular technologies from LTE to GSM and in addition, wireless connectivity like WLAN and Bluetooth.

  • 5G development: 5G NR sub 6 GHz network emulation

    Together with the Rohde & Schwartz® CMX500 radio communication tester, the tried and tested Rohde & Schwartz CMW500 provides support for 5G NSA test scenarios. 

  • Wireless connectivity: Comprehensive network emulation 

    Rohde & Schwartz CMW500 supports versatile tests for Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy, including all defined Bluetooth SIG RF signaling tests. In case of WLAN, Rohde & Schwartz CMW500 supports signaling tests starting from IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n up to 11ac and 11ax. 

  • All in one: One tester for all layers and phases of a product lifecycle 

    The modular Rohde & Schwartz CMW500 platform covers all test requirements from development to certification and network optimization to production and service. 

  • User experience testing: Test sequences by remote control 

    The Rohde & Schwartz CMW500 test platform can be used to perform, document and evaluate complex user experience tests under simulated, yet realistic conditions. 

  • Standards-compliant testing of automotive eCall systems 

    The Rohde & Schwartz CMW500 and Rohde & Schwartz SMBV100B are the ideal team to ensure a 100% reliably functioning eCall module that rapidly sends an alert and enables stable communications between rescue services and the vehicle involved in the collision. 

  • IP application testing and traffic analysis: Tests under fully controlled network conditions 

    The Rohde & Schwartz CMW platform offers an efficient test environment for executing complex IP application tests for various technologies.

  • C-V2X testing in a lab environment 

    Rohde & Schwarz base the integrated setup on the Rohde & Schwartz CMW500 and the Rohde & Schwartz SMBV100B GNSS simulator to perform Data transmission, data reception and performance tests with various fading profiles, as well as GCF validated protocol conformance test cases. 

Who is ConRes Test Equipment?

ConRes founded the test equipment rental industry in the 1960s and has been a leading force ever since. Our standards for quality and trustworthiness are the highest in the industry because we believe you’re not looking for just a test equipment provider — you’re looking for an expert partner.

Working with a private, women-owned, family business like ours, you can expect:

Zero Red Tape

Efficient Service

Top Manufacturer Partnerships

Flexible Payment Models & Leasing Terms

Decades of Technical Know-How

Need proof? Come back to work with ConRes on one project, and you’ll see what we mean. 

*Terms & Conditions
  • Rental must be a minimum of 3 months. A credit for one month will be applied after the 3rd month.  
  • All invoices must be paid up to date to receive rental credit. 
  • Applies to new rentals only. 
  • Based on current availability. 
  • Promotion expires March 31, 2022. 
  • ConRes reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.
  • ConRes terms and conditions apply.