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Continental Resources wins Supplier of the Year Award 2017

From Microboard Processing Inc

Bedford, MA, December 19, 2017 – Continental Resources (ConRes) today announced it has been named the Supplier of the Year Award winner from Microboard Processing Inc. Customers voted, and nominated ConRes as the #1 Supplier for 2017.

ConRes received 1’s in each of the key categories including: Leading Edge Technology, State-of-the-art Equipment, Best Customer Service, Enabling Efficiency, Understands Needs, On-Time Delivery, and Number One Supplier.

The Account Manager for Microboard Processing Inc is Al Shigo, out of the Bedford, MA office. This is the first Supplier of the Year Award for the Test and Measurement Division at ConRes.

About ConRes

U.S. and international test equipment sales and rentals from the friendly professionals at Continental Resources (ConRes), your authorized source for new and refurbished test equipment sales and rentals including oscilloscopes, signal generators, network and spectrum analyzers, wireless communications testers, field testing and general purpose test equipment. If you’re an engineer in manufacturing, R&D, QC, design, field test, or education, you can rely on ConRes for test equipment with warranties and calibrated in our ISO-registered, NIST-traceable metrology lab to ensure measurement accuracy. ConRes is an authorized test equipment partner for Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Keysight, Spirent, and others.


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Designing and testing sensor and device networks for wireless IoT deployments requires expertise in multiple areas, including knowledge of wireless interfaces, sensor network design, and wireless test protocols and equipment. Do you have the know-how?

Download our helpful how-to guide to learn the nine key questions to answer before you begin exploring the design of an RFID-powered IoT network. Our Q&A provides insights into these critical areas of consideration:

  • What are the primary test considerations for IoT networks? You will need to be familiar and comfortable with integrating analog RFID capability into designs that are primarily digital.
  • Which is the best RF strategy, build-your-own ICs or buy prebuilt modules? This depends on your end goals. Roll-your-own ICs allow for greater customization, while pre-certified modules might get your product to market faster.
  • How can you keep testing costs down? PC-based or multi-function test systems can save money, as can pre-owned equipment.

To learn more about RFID and IoT networks, download our convenient how-to guide Designing and Testing a Wireless IoT Network? Get Quick Answers to Nine Key Questions for no-nonsense advice and strategies to help you succeed with your wireless IoT network.

Let ConRes support your acquisition strategy for test and measurement equipment – making it easy to meet your requirements today and in the future. Give us a call at 800-937-4688 or email TestEquipmentTeam@conres.com to contact one of our experts.

Download for your industry now:

Wireless Connectivity: http://bit.ly/2nsfeOR

Aerospace and Defense: http://bit.ly/2okKeo7

Education: http://bit.ly/2okGK53

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Significant advances in electronics development and wireless design are on the horizon. To develop and test complex and highly integrated technologies based on these advances, your organization will require a more powerful and sophisticated T&M processes.

Are you prepared to capture a 6GHz signal?

Download our new infographic to learn about the upcoming trends and technologies that will soon impact your test and measurement needs. Your classrooms, R&D labs, and manufacturing and QA operations will need to be prepared – take a look at our infographic for a glimpse into the T&M future.

Key Trends: Higher frequencies and wider bandwidth are on the way, as are devices that require greater interoperability while sharing limited RF spectrum. Meanwhile, the Internet is increasingly embedded into everything, from cars to toasters to light bulbs. How will you develop and test these new and more complex devices?

Products of the future: New technologies will power new products and systems, including autonomous vehicles, drones and aerial surveillance devices, the Internet of Things, and connected manufacturing processes. These will depend on a new generation of smarter, more tightly integrated, and more technologically capable systems. How will you address the T&M requirements for these new technologies and markets?

Gaze into the crystal ball with our infographic and learn how you can be ready for upcoming T&M advances.

Let ConRes help you make the right strategic decisions for acquiring test and measurement equipment. Give us a call at 800-937-4688 or email TestEquipmentTeam@conres.com to contact one of our experts.

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Ensuring you have the right test and measurement equipment at just the moment you need it makes great business sense. But in real life, just-in-time test equipment inventory can be quite a challenge to plan for and pull off.

On the one hand, fast-moving test and research projects and agile development practices can make it difficult to see into the future and forecast what your electronic test equipment needs may be. And tying up capital in expensive equipment that isn’t used frequently isn’t a good use of inventory dollars—unless you deal with a test equipment supplier that’s willing and able to move quickly. The long lead times that many instrument manufacturers require to fill orders can make it hard to implement more efficient T&M inventory management strategies.

We’ve pulled together a trio of case studies that describe how engineers overcome significant obstacles to get the electronic test equipment they need, when they need it.  Wondering how to resolve delays and use long-standing relationships with manufacturers to cut through the red tape and expedite deliveries for your organization? Download our flipbook of case studies, How Engineers Get Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment When They Need It, for real-life examples of how companies and educational institutions manage their T&M inventory more strategically.

In addition to fast and responsive customer service, organizations also have the choice of new, used, rental, and rent-to-own options for test equipment acquisition. These programs provide an alternative way to procure necessary test and measurement gear without tying up budget dollars in a capital purchase, and obtaining exactly the gear you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it.

Make the best strategic decisions for acquiring electronic test equipment; give us a call at 800-937-4688 or email TestEquimentTeam@conres.com to contact one of our experts.

Download our Case Study Flipbook for your market: 

Wireless Connectivity: http://bit.ly/2fAPcYu

Aerospace and Defense: http://bit.ly/2glfijq

Education: http://bit.ly/2flE9zr

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