Tektronix TCP312 AC/DC Current Probe

Manufacturer: Tektronix
Model Number: TCP312
The Tektronix TCP312 AC/DC Current Probe, DC to 15 MHz is a highly advanced current measurement system for today's current measurement needs. The split-core probes incorporate both transformer and Hall-effect technology to provide broad bandwidth measurement capabilities from DC up to 100 MHz at current levels as low as 1 milliamp to thousands of amps (when used with CT4 current transformer). When connected to Tektronix Oscilloscopes with TEKPROBE Level II, TekConnect (w/ TCA-BNC) or TekVPI (w/ TPA-BNC) interfaces, current measurements and calculations are simple and easy. Additional measurement power is available with add-on software such as the TDSPWR2 power measurements package. With all this measurement power, current measurements have never been easier. Meets today's AC/DC current measurement applications The TCP312 amplifier, when used with TCP305, or TCP303 probes, provides a wide range of current measurement capability and spans the gap between low-level milliamp measurements to very high current levels. These three probes provide current measurement capabilities of 30 A, 50 A, and 150 A DC continuous. For even higher current levels, the TCPA400 amplifier with the TCP404XL current probe measures 500 A DC continuous and 750 A DC continuous, derated with duty cycle. Measurement errors and manual calculations are now a thing of the past. With this new series of current measurement tools, automatic control and on-screen scaling and units is provided for users of Tektronix TDS3000, TDS500, TDS600, TDS700, TDS5000, TDS6000, and TDS7000B series oscilloscope systems (the DPO3000, DPO4000, and DPO7000 series oscilloscopes, the TPA-BNC adapter is required). The TCP312 Current Measurement Systems seamlessly integrate with your TDS series oscilloscope and the TDSPWR2 software package to easily make those time-consuming power measurements and calculations for you. Even non-TEKPROBE systems can use the TCP312 series to make proper current measurements by simply multiplying the measured output voltage on the oscilloscope by the TCP312 series range setting. Requires TCPA300 Amplifier.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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