Rohde & Schwarz FSV3000 Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: ROHFSV3000
The R&S®FSV3000 features functions that make complex measurements fast and easy. Setting up RF parameters with touchscreen gestures is as easy as using your smartphone. The auto set feature automatically sets the most important parameters such as frequency, level and gating. The SCPI recorder, which translates manual operation into remote control command scripts, is the dream of any test system software engineer. And event based actions support you when debugging your DUT by capturing and documenting rare events. The R&S®FSV3000 has been designed for high-speed measurements. Production lines benefit from fast measurement times for spectral measurements, highspeed signal demodulation and rapid switching between different measurement modes. Support of all modern wireless standards The R&S®FSV3000 provides signal analysis options for all modern wireless and cellular communications standards, i.e. ❙ 3GPP 5G NR ❙ EUTRA/LTE/LTE-Advanced ❙ NB-IoT DL ❙ WCDMA ❙ GSM/EDGE/EDGE Evolution ❙ WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n/p/ac/ax


Key facts
❙ Frequency range of 10 Hz to 4 GHz, 7.5 GHz, 13.6 GHz, 30 GHz or 44 GHz (up to 500 GHz with external harmonic mixers from Rohde & Schwarz)
❙ Analysis bandwidth up to 200 MHz (option)
❙ SSB phase noise at 10 kHz offset (1 GHz): –107 dBc (1 Hz)
❙ Third-order intercept (TOI) at 1 GHz: +18 dBm (typ.)
❙ DANL at 1 GHz: –151 dBm
❙ DANL at 1 GHz with optional preamp: –165 dBm
❙ Ready for cloud based testing
❙ 10 Gbit/s LAN interface (option)
❙ User interface with multitouch, SCPI recorder and event based actions
❙ Measurement applications for analog and digital signal analysis, including 5G N

Specifications in brief

Frequency range

R&S®FSV3004 10 Hz to 4 GHz
R&S®FSV3007 10 Hz to 7.5 GHz
R&S®FSV3013 10 Hz to 13.6 GHz
R&S®FSV3030 10 Hz to 30 GHz
R&S®FSV3044 10 Hz to 44 GHz

Aging of frequency reference 1 × 10–6 per year with R&S®FSV3-B4 option 1 × 10–7 per year
Bandwidth standard filter 1 Hz to 10 MHz
Resolution bandwidths RRC filter 18 kHz (NADC), 24.3 kHz (TETRA), 3.84 MHz (3GPP), 4.096 MHz channel filter 100 Hz to 5 MHz video filter 1 Hz to 10 MHz
I/Q demodulation bandwidth standard 28 MHz
with R&S®FSV3-B40 option 40 MHz
with R&S®FSV3-B200 option 200 MHz
Phase noise 1 GHz carrier
1 kHz offset < –101 dBc
10 kHz offset < –107 dBc
100 kHz offset < –115 dBc
1 MHz offset < –135 dBc
Displayed average noise level (DANL) 1 GHz –151 dBm (typ.)
DANL with preamplifier (R&S®FSV3-B24 option) 50 MHz ≤ f < 3 GHz –165 dBm (typ.)
Third-order intercept (TOI) 1 GHz > 15 dBm, typ. 18 dBm
Total measurement uncertainty 2 GHz 0.29 dB



50 lb.

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