Siglent SDS7000A Digital Storage Oscilloscope. 3/4 GHz

Manufacturer: Siglent
SIGLENT’s SDS7000A series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes are available in bandwidths of 4 GHz and 3 GHz, have 12-bit ADCs with sample rate up to 20 GSa/s, maximum record length of 1Gpts/ch, and display up to 4 analog channels + 16 digital channels for high performance mixed signal analysis. The large 15.6’’ HD display capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch gestures, with the addition of user-friendly UI design, can greatly improve the operational efficiency. It also supports mouse control, and remote web control over LAN.


17 lb.


  • Bandwidth up to 4 GHz, 12-bit ADC resolution
  • Real-time sampling rate up to 20 GSa/s
  • Record Length up to 1 Gpts
  • Waveform capture rate up to 1,000,000 wfm/s
  • Eye diagram, Jitter analysis, Compliance Test, Power analysis, Bode plot, decode, MSO, AWG
  • SAP5000D, 5 GHz High-speed differential probe


Bandwidth Channels Real time
sampling rate
Capture rate Memory depth
SDS7404A 4 GHz 4 + EXT 20 GSa/s (dual-channel) 1,000,000 wfm/s Standard: 500 Mpts/ch Optional: 1 Gpts/ch
SDS7304A 3 GHz 4 + EXT 20 GSa/s (dual-channel) 1,000,000 wfm/s Standard: 500 Mpts/ch Optional: 1 Gpts/ch

Key Featurs

Key Features

  • 4 analog channels, up to 4 GHz bandwidth with up to 20GSa/s sample rate
  • 12-bit ADC
  • Low background noise: 220 μVrms @ 4 GHz bandwidth
  • SPO technology
  • Intelligent trigger: Edge, Slope, Pulse, Window, Runt, Interval, Dropout, Pattern, Qualified, Nth edge, Setup/hold, Delay and Video (HDTV supported). Zone Trigger simplifies advanced triggering
  • Serial bus triggering and decoder, supports protocols I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN, CAN FD, FlexRay, I2S, MIL-STD-1553B, SENT, Manchester, ARINC429 and USB 2.0
  • Segmented acquisition (Sequence) mode, dividing the maximum record length into multiple segments (up to 124,000), according to trigger conditions set by the user, with a very small dead time between segments to capture the qualifying event
  • History waveform record (History) function, the maximum recorded waveform length is 124,000 frames
  • Automatic measurements on 50+ parameters, supports statistics with histogram, track, trend, Gating measurement, and measurements on Math, History and Memory traces
  • 4 Math traces (32 Mpts FFT, Filter, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, integration, differential, square root, etc.), supports formula editor
  • Abundant data analysis functions such as Search, Navigate, SignalScan, Digital Voltmeter, Counter, Waveform Histogram, Bode plot, Power Analysis, Eye/Jitter Analysis and Compliance Test
  • High Speed hardware-based Average, Hi-Res; High Speed hardware-based Mask Test function, with Mask Editor tool for creating user-defined masks
  • 16 digital channels (optional)
  • Built-in 50 MHz waveform generator
  • Large 15.6” HD TFT-LCD display with 1920 * 1080 resolution; Capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch gestures.
  • Interfaces include: 4x USB Host 3.1 Gen 1,2x USB 3.0 Host,USB 2.0 Device,2x 1000M LAN,DVI-D,DP 1.2, HDMI 1.4,Audio, External Triger In, Aux Out (Pass/Fail, Trigger Out), 10 MHz In,10 MHz Out
  • Built-in web server supports remote control over the LAN port using a web browser. Supports SCPI remote control commands. Supports external mouse and keyboard

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