Rohde & Schwarz ZNA43 Vector Network Analyzer 4-Ports

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: ZNA43-4
The R&S®ZNA43 and ZNA26 feature exceptional stability, low trace noise and excellent raw data, making it a perfect choice for development and production applications that require high accuracy, e.g. for developing and producing components and modules for A&D and satellite applications.


  • Four internal phase-coherent sources
  • Two internal LOs
  • Eight truly parallel measurement receivers
  • Flexible signal routing and path access
  • Four internal pulse modulators
  • Phase measurements on mixers without reference mixers
  • Spectrum analysis option
  • Group delay measurements on frequency converters with embedded LOs
  • High dynamic range: 139 dB (typ.), up to 170 dB (typ., with options)
  • Wide power sweep range of 100 dB (typ.)
  • Low trace noise of < 0.001 dB (at 1 kHz IF bandwidth)
  • DUT-centric operating concept
  • Compact instrument, quiet operation: acoustic noise as low as 42 dB(A)


77 lb.

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