Rohde & Schwarz SMCV100B Vector Signal Generator

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: SMCV100B
The R&S®SMCV100B vector signal generator is the first multistandard platform for automotive, broadcast, navigation and wireless applications. This makes the R&S®SMCV100B unique for use in many applications, from the lab to production and wherever different technologies meet. AT A GLANCE The R&S®SMCV100B vector signal generator features a new direct RF DAC concept for RF signal generation. This concept enables I/Q modulation and upconversion in the digital domain, which eliminates the I and Q imbalance errors and LO leakage associated with traditional analog I/Q modulators. The R&S®SMCV100B options concept is fully software defined. No hardware options are required to obtain full instrument functionality. This software concept applies to upgrading the RF frequency, memory, I/Q modulation bandwidth and all other R&S®SMCV100B options for other applications. Thanks to its flexible and customizable design, the instrument is ready to meet future requirements. Options can easily be added via software keycodes, allowing users to quickly upgrade functions and add bandwidth, output power and even frequency range. The intuitive, touchscreen based operating concept makes the R&S®SMCV100B very ergonomic and practical to use. Key facts ► First multistandard platform for broadcast, navigation, cellular and wireless applications ► Fully software defined vector signal generator with software based option concept ► Modern RF signal generation concept with direct digital RF upconversion up to 2.5 GHz ► High output power up to +25 dBm ► Modulation bandwidth up to 240 MHz ► Convenient operation on 5" touchscreen


The intuitive operating concept makes the
R&S®SMCV100B very ergonomic and practical to use.
Thanks to its design for flexible customization, the instrument is ready to fulfill future requirements.
Half a rack size, great performance, smart block diagram
operating concept
With its ½ 19″ form factor and clearly structured user
interface, the R&S®SMCV100B offers optimum operating
convenience, a state-of-the-art signal generation concept
and great RF performance in a minimum of space. The
space saving concept allows installation of a second
R&S®SMCV100B or other ½ 19″ instrument, such as an
R&S®NGM202 power supply, in just one 2 HU mounting
5″ touch display in a 2 HU instrument
The high-resolution 5″ touch display and clearly structured
block diagram user interface enable simple and intuitive
operation at all times. The user instantly sees the signal
flow in the R&S®SMCV100B as well as the states of the
instrument inputs and outputs. An integrated graphic
function displays the generated signal in real time.
SCPI macro recorder
The R&S®SMCV100B supports fast and error-free creation
of remote control programs. The integrated SCPI macro
recorder with its built-in code generator allows users to
automatically record all manually performed settings and
create a directly executable MATLAB® script.
This minimizes the time and develop


16 lb.

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