Rohde & Schwarz CDS Campus Dashboard

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: CDS-SW
Managing large student groups in a teaching environment can be difficult, complicated by the variety of workbenches and instruments in use. In order to address this challenge, Rohde&Schwarz offers the ¸CDS campus dashboard. This single software package considerably simplifies the teacher’s workflow by enabling control of the students’ workbenches and instruments either individually or simultaneously as a group. ¸CDS allows the teacher to provide identical conditions for all students, through arranging the instruments on virtual benches that can be customized to match the user’s laboratory layout. The easy-to-use software can also run simultaneous firmware updates on multiple instruments with just a few clicks. Grouping several instruments into multiple virtual benches gives a clear overview of the laboratory in the software interface, including the status of each individual instrument. CAMPUS DASHBOARD An automated search detects all supported instruments in the local network, making the initial setup process easy and fast. Alternatively, an .xml list of individual instruments can be loaded into the software. The ¸CDS campus dashboard remotely controls up to 300 individual instruments (oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers and power supplies). Lab managers, tutors, students and professors equally benefit from its excellent usability, simplified workflows and automation capabilities. Other instruments on request. Please get in touch with your local Rohde&Schwarz contact. ¸


Supported instruments
Oscilloscopes ¸RTC1000, ¸RTB2000, ¸RTM3000, ¸RTA4000
Spectrum analyzers ¸FSH, ¸FSC, ¸FPH, ¸FPC1000, ¸FPC1500
Network analyzers ¸ZVH, ¸ZPH
Power supplies ¸NGE100, ¸NGE100B


1 lb.

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