Rohde and Schwarz ZNH 2-Port Handheld Vector Network Analyzer

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz

Key facts

  • Frequency range from 30 kHz to 4/8/18/26.5 GHz
  • One-port cable and antenna measurement with basic instrument
  • S-parameter (S11, S12, S21, S22) measurement with basic instrument
  • 100 dB (typ.) dynamic range for filter and antenna isolation measurements
  • Non-reflective display, small form factor, ruggedized housing (IP51)

Lightweight design, heavyweight performance

R&S®ZNH is a full two-port handheld vector network analyzer that offers one-port cable and antenna measurement and full two-port S-parameter measurements. The touch based interface is simple to operate and a configuration overview menu makes measurement preparation more efficient. The R&S®ZNH may have a small form factor but it is complete in every detail and delivers high performance and all the key functionalities.


Perform Accurate Measurments

► Low trace noise:

Magnitude (RMS)
30 kHz ≤ f < 8 GHz < 0.003 dB, 0.0015 dB (typ.)
8 GHz ≤ f < 15 GHz < 0.004 dB, 0.0020 dB (typ.)
15 GHz ≤ f < 26.5 GHz < 0.006 dB, 0.0040 dB (typ.)

Phase (RMS)

30 kHz ≤ f < 8 GHz < 0.05°, 0.015° (typ.)
8 GHz ≤ f < 26.5 GHz < 0.06°, 0.025° (typ.)

Ease of long cable measurement without losing resolution

► Distance-to-fault measurement (offered as standard feature)
► 16,001 measurement points Protection from overloading without external attenuator
► Built-in receiver step attenuator with attenuating values from 0 dB to 15 dB (in 5 dB steps)
Can directly calibrate test setups for DUTs that are equipped with different types of connectors at the input       and output port
► Using UOSM calibration Remote control at no cost
► Can be remote controlled via free downloadable R&S®InstrumentView software and R&S®MobileView apps.
► Control via SPCI command

Less fatigue to carry in the field

► Small form factor and weighs only 3.1 kg
► Add carrying holster HA-Z322

Simple to operate

► Touchscreen allows intuitive operation using smartphone-like touch gestures
► Adjustable display brightness and backlit keypad for operation in bright sunlight or dim environments
► Wizard function automates test sequences so that recurring measurements can be performed quickly and easily without mistakes
► Battery operated – 4 hours operation time when fully charged
Simple to configure
► Configurable dashboard – with overview for quick measurement setup and 70% less key clicks
► Flexible calibration approach
► Numerous calibration standards and calibration kits are supported. Manual entry of calibration kit information is easily done with R&S®InstrumentView software


12 lb.

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