Rohde & Schwarz NGP800 Series Power Supply

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: NGP800
The R&S®NGP800 DC Power Supplies, comprising of five models with 400 W or 800 W, provide maximum power at a variety of operating points. The two or four 200 W outputs can each supply up to 64 V or up to 20 A. Electrically equivalent and galvanically isolated outputs can be wired in series or parallel for up to 250 V or 80 A. Synchronizing outputs, performing waveform tests and logging data for in-depth analysis all become easy with the R&S®NGP800 power supply series. An intuitive operating concept and large touch screen allow the user to display measured values and statistics in real-time. All R&S®NGP800 power supplies include remote sense terminals, USB and a LAN interface. A user installable GPIB interface, a digital I/O, an analog input and a Wireless LAN interface are optional, making these instruments great on the bench or in an automated test system


R&S®NGP800 Features and Benefits

The R&S®NGP800 power supply series follows the claim of boosting your efficiency with Quadcore
Power, aiming at the four benefits “Full flexibility – Full functionality – Full safety – Full connectivity” for the
customer as well as the four outputs.

Full flexibility
Four power supplies in a single box
Save costs and space on your bench or in your rack by powering up to four DUTs with a single instrument.
Each output is independent and floating.
All outputs can operate in constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC) mode with automatic crossover
and mode indication.
A separate Output button allows you to switch on or off all channels synchronously, crucial for circuitries
which can be damaged if one voltage rail is present without the other. The individual channel buttons let
you select the channels you want to operate. Using the Tracking function, voltage and current of your
Reference Channel are also varied on your Target Channels.

Parallel & serial operation
In case your application requires more voltage or current, connect the outputs in series or parallel and get
up to 250 V (NGP824) or 80 A (NGP804). Giving you the flexibility you always asked for.

5’’ high-resolution touch display
The large touch display with its very high resolution of 800 x 480 pixels makes operation easy as all
important values are easily visible. Quickly navigate through the menus to access all functions and
Enter values much faster using the virtual keyboard instead of turning the knob.
The home screen gives you a clear overview of all your channels while each channel can be selected for a
more detailed view with a wide variety of additional information, such as statistics and icons indicating the
status of set protection or special functions.

Get the maximum power at various operating points. Unlike with single range power supplies, you can
generate variable voltage and current combinations within an overall power limit.

Ramp function (EasyRamp)
Some test setups require the continuous rise of the supply voltage instead of a rapid jump to control inrush
currents. Increase the output voltage continuously within a time frame of 10 ms to 10 s with the EasyRamp

Output delay
Turn on each channel individually with a delay to meet the requirements of modern micro controllers that
use multiple supply voltages and demand specific power up sequences.
Arbitrary function (QuickArb)
Generate complex time varying voltages or current sequences of output changes with the QuickArb
function to emulate the normal behaviors of your power subsystems early in the design process or to
simulate power problems for DUT design verification. Vary the speed of the power supply to reflect real
circuit characteristics or set up burn-in tests.
The QuickArb function lets you generate time varying voltages and current sequences of output changes
with dwell times down to 1 ms. Load up to eight subgroup files into one sequence to create complex

Remote sensing
Improve your voltage regulation and measurement accuracy using remote sensing, regulating the output
voltage directly at the DUT input terminals instead of the power supply’s output terminals. The sense
function compensates for voltage drops in the supply leads, especially in applications with high currents.
The NGP800 power supplies provide sense connections for each output at both the front and rear

Built-in measurements
The built-in measurements reduce the need for an external multimeter in many applications and simplify
the setup. The separate voltage and current meters on each output give a resolution of 1 mV and 0.5 mA.

Data logging
Logging data is key to long term monitoring, reviewing test setups and repeating test conditions when
analyzing power behaviors or optimizing power consumption. The NGP800 power supplies simultaneously
log voltage and current measurements over time on all outputs. Easily export the time stamped data as a
CSV file for analysis, reports and documentation.

User adjustment
Immensely reduce your downtime by calibrating your R&S®NGP800 power supply in-house. All you need
is a standard 6½ digit DMM, a 10 mΩ shunt resistor and one minute per channel.

Full safety
Protection functions & safety limits
Protecting your DUT is crucial to limit testing. The NGP800 power supplies include Overcurrent Protection
(OCP), Overvoltage Protection (OVP), Overpower Protection (OPP) and Overtemperature Protection
(OTP) to prevent damage to your DUTs and instrument. You can adjust the sensitivity and response
behavior of the electronic fuse according to your application. The FuseLink function allows linking the
fuses between channels, switching off all linked channels as soon as the selected channel reaches the
current limit.
If you want to be sure, you can set safety limits to restrict the power supply to values that are not
dangerous for your DUT.

Safe working environment
To eliminate unnecessary noise, the NGP800 power supplies automatically adjust fan speed to the load
condition, allowing you to work in a quiet environment.
The R&S®NGP800 power supplies use 4 mm banana safety plugs, as required by an increasing number
of laboratories for safety regulation reasons.

Full connectivity
Remote control
To meet the requirements of varying environments an array of interfaces to remotely control your
instrument is provided.
Standard are USB and LAN (Ethernet), while the Wireless LAN and IEEE-488 (GPIB) interfaces are
optional and can also be added at a later date.
The additional output and sense terminals on the rear panel allow easy wiring and make the
R&S®NGP800 power supply series a good choice for both your bench and automated test system.

Digital Trigger I/O (NGP-K103 option)
Configure the 8 pins of the digital I/O connector as inputs or outputs to generate trigger events for output
control and indication. As an input, the trigger I/O can enable or inhibit outputs or start functions like the 
QuickArb or logging.
As an output, the trigger I/O can indicate protection triggers, voltage/current/power level events and actual
output operation modes. In addition, the digital trigger system allows you to control output delays or fuse
linking across multiple instruments.

Analog Input (NGP-K107 option)
Control the output voltages or currents directly and much faster. An external analog voltage in the range
from 0 V to 5 V can control any or all of the outputs with an input scaling of 0 to 100%. Galvanic isolation
between the control voltage and the outputs greatly simplifies the connection while maintaining user safety
even for high voltage and floating circuit applications.




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