Rohde and Schwarz NGA100 POWER SUPPLY SERIES

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: NGA100
The R&S®NGA100 power supplies are linear, compact and easy to use. All models have excellent readback accuracy with a low-current range for demanding measurements. Features such as data logging, arbitrary waveforms, built-in statistics and remote sensing make the instruments ideal for various bench applications. Equipped with a number of different remote interfaces, including USB and Ethernet, the R&S®NGA100 power supplies are also great for automated tests. The channel fusion feature extends voltage and current range. Get up to 200 V with the R&S®NGA142 in serial mode and up to 12 A with the R&S®NGA102 in parallel mode. Advanced protection functions keep devices connected and power supplies safe.  


Thoughtfully engineered
► Linear design
► High readback accuracy
► Built-in statistics
► Independent channels
► FlexPower
► Color coding
► Safety binding posts
► Rackmountable
► EasyRamp
► EasyArb

► Data logging
► Low-current measurement range
► Channel fusion
► Tracking
► Remote sensing
► Save/recall device settings
► Protection functions
► USB interface
► Ethernet interface
► Wireless LAN (WLAN)
► Digital trigger I/O

Base unit
One-channel power supply, 35 V/6 A R&S®NGA101
One-channel power supply, 100 V/2 A R&S®NGA141
Two-channel power supply, 35 V/6 A R&S®NGA102
Two-channel power supply, 100 V/2 A R&S®NGA142
Accessories supplied
Set of power cables, terminal blocks, quick start guide
Wireless LAN remote control R&S®NGA-K102
Digital trigger I/O R&S®NGA-K103

System components
19″ rack adapter, 2 HU R&S®HZN96



19 lb.

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