Rohde and Schwarz MXO 5 Series Oscilloscope

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
The R&S®MXO 5 Series delivers breakthrough oscilloscope technology to speed up debug, design and testing of electronic systems. With both 4- and 8-channel models, the MXO 5 Series’ specifications impress, making the instrument stand out above other industry choices. The new R&S®MXO 5 shows more of a signal’s activity in both the time and the frequency domains, than any other oscilloscope. With eight channels, it offers the world's fastest acquisition rate of 4.5 million acquisitions per second and 18 million waveforms per second across multiple channels. This allows engineers to capture intricate signal details and infrequent events with exceptional precision. The oscilloscope provides digital triggering on all eight channels, enabling accurate isolation of small signal anomalies. Its groundbreaking capability of 45,000 FFTs per second allows engineers to view spectrum signals with unparalleled clarity, especially for EMI and harmonic testing.


Still the World’s fastest update rate
Each MXO 5 Series oscilloscope’s MXO-EP ASIC processes 400 Gbits/s to deliver 4.5 million
acquisitions per second and a total of 18 million waveforms per second. Experience the real-time insights
with accelerated results. The fast update rate allows:
• Quickly and reliably detect sporadic signal faults.
• Ensures instant display of all signal details.
• High update rate even when FFTs, masks or automatic measurements are active.
• Responsive even with deep memory

Highest measurement accuracy
The R&S®MXO 5 Series boasts an incredibly low-noise signal path, powered by a 12-bit ADC. Its
high-definition mode (HD) enhances the vertical resolution to a remarkable 18 bits, ensuring
unwavering accuracy in every measurement. With 8 of these ultra-low noise and highly sensitive frontend chips the offset voltage can be driven up to +/- 2V at the highest sensitivity.
• 12-bit ADC for high vertical resolution at all sample rates without tradeoffs
• 18-bit architecture with HD mode
• Low noise of 130 μV at 1 mV/div at full bandwidth of 2GHz
• Vertical scaling down to 500 μV/div at full bandwidth)

Deepest standard memory
R&S®MXO 5 Series oscilloscopes come equipped with the industry’s deepest standard acquisition
memory of 500 Mpoints per channel, allowing highest sample rate capture of up to 200 ms of power
up or power down sequences on eight channels. Standard segmented memory (10,000 segments)
upgradeable to 1,000,000 segments.

High-precision digital trigger
The MXO-EP ASIC incorporates the industry’s most advanced digital trigger system patented by Rohde
& Schwarz. Digital triggering implies a common path for the measurement signal and trigger versus a
split- path for older analog trigger architectures.
• World’s first 8 channel oscilloscope with trigger
sensitivity down to 0.0001 vertical division
• User adjustable trigger hysteresis.
• World’s fastest trigger rearm time of < 21 ns
• Best in class trigger jitter of just 1 ps

Superior spectrum analysis
Improve overall RF insights with up to 4 highly capable, simultaneous spectrums. With the powerful MXO-EP
ASIC architecture and the additional processing capabilities, the oscilloscopes ultrafast 45 000 FFTs per second
on up to four simultaneous spectrums.
• World’s first 8 channel oscilloscope with 4 spectrums with independent time and frequency control
• World’s first 8-ch oscilloscope to achieve 45K FFTs per second
• RF and time domain views with independent controls
• Industry best spectrum capabilities comes standard with each MXO 5 instrument.

Model Numbers

MXO54 MXO54 Oscilloscope 350MHz, 4 channels 1802.1008.04
MXO58 MXO58 Oscilloscope 100MHz, 8 channels 1802.1008.08

Bandwidth Upgrade 4-Channel Model
MXO5-B245 MXO54 500 MHZ Option, 4 channels 1802.0676.02 (SL)
MXO5-B2410 MXO54 1GHZ Option, 4 channels 1802.0682.02 (SL)
MXO5-B2420 MXO54 2GHZ Option, 4 channels 1802.0699.02 (SL)

Bandwidth Upgrade 8-Channel Model
MXO5-B282 MXO58 200 MHZ Option, 8 channels 1802.0701.02 (SL)
MXO-B283 MXO58 350 MHZ Option, 8 channels 1802.0718.02 (SL)
MXO-B285 MXO58 500 MHZ Option, 8 channels 1802.0724.02 (SL)
MXO-B2810 MXO58 1 GHZ Option, 8 channels 1802.0730.02 (SL)
MXO-B2820 MXO58 2 GHZ Option, 8 channels 1802.0747.02 (SL)

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