Rohde and Schwarz HM8143 Arbitrary Power Supply

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
3-Channels: 0 to 30 V/0 to 2 A (x2); 5 V/2 A fixed (x1) Display Resolution 10 mV/1 mA Parallel (up to 6 A) and Series (up to 65 V) Operation Electronic Load up to 60 W per channel (max. 2 A) Arbitrary Waveform Power Supply (4,096 Points, 12 Bit): Creation of customized waveforms Software included for remote control and arbitrary waveforms creation Electronic Fuse and Tracking Mode for 30 V Outputs External modulation of output voltages: Input Voltage 0 to 10 V, 50 kHz Remote sensing for compensation of the voltage drop across the cables Multimeter Mode for all adjustable Outputs Galvanically isolated USB/RS-232 Dual-Interface Optional GPIB The R&S HM8143 Arbitrary Power Supply HM8143 incorporates high voltage/current, arbitrary waveform function, electronic load, and analog programming. The HM8143 provides 130 W output power on three isolated channels with 2x 0 to 30 V, 2 A and 1x 5 V, 2 A. With the ability to series connect or parallel these channels you can choose between higher voltage (up to 65 V) or higher current (up to 6 A). The operation of the power supply with its rotary knob and buttons is quick and easy. The front panel controls can be locked via remote con- trol to protect against accidental parameter changes. The output voltages and currents are displayed simultaneously with a resolution of 10 mV and 1 mA. The HM8143 automatically switches from CV (constant voltage) to CC (constant current) mode in case the output current exceeds the programmed current limit, and returns to CV when the current is back within the limit. LED indicators show the actual CV/CC mode of each channel. It takes only 45 μs for the output to recover to within 1 mV following load variation from 10% to 90%. Protection of the DUT To safeguard your DUT (Device Under Test) from damage, the HM8143 not only provides current limiting but also an electronic fuse. In case of an inadvertent short during standard operation, the current will be limited to the set value. In order to provide better protection than current limiting, the HM8143 features an electronic fuse. As soon as the current limit is exceeded all outputs will immediately be disabled. They can be activated manually by button or via remote control. Measurement of voltage and current The HM8143 simultaneously displays the four parameters: voltage and current of channels I and III. With the outputs turned off or during variation, the nominal values of the voltage and the current limits are displayed. If the outputs are activated, the HM8143 monitors the actual values of voltage and current of each variable channel. The accuracy of the built-in voltage and current measurement is typically 2 digits. The accuracy of up to 0.07% competes with a standard multimeter. If you want to perform a test series, the PowerARB software offers a recording function. The measurement values and the instrument's status are saved in .csv format. Electronic Load The HM8143 comes along with a sliding 2 quadrant sink/source capability on both 30 V channels which simplifies testing and characterizing of DC power sources, battery cells (charge/discharge/cycling), generator/motor applications etc. Automotive, mobile phone and power circuit designers will appreciate the unique value of the 2 x 60 W in/out ability. Many functions in one instrument Both 30 V channels are equipped with a rear BNC analog input, which allows the HM8143 to be used as a wide-range modulation power amplifier. Other forward-thinking features such as Remote Sensing, Remote Control, Arbitrary Function, and intuitive user-interface make this compact performer perfect for your bench, or ATE environment.

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