Rohde and Schwarz FPL1000 3GHz and 7GHz Spectrum Analyzers

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: FPL1000
In an RF lab, the R&S®FPL1000 is as indispensable as an oscilloscope or multimeter. It is a single measuring instrument for a variety of measurement tasks. It supports not only spectrum analysis, but also highly accurate power measurement with power sensors and analysis of analog and digitally modulated signals.


Key facts

  • Frequency range 5 kHz to 7.5 GHz
  • SSB phase noise: typ. –108 dBc (1 Hz) at 10 kHz (1 GHz carrier) offset
  • DANL with preamplifier: typ. –166 dBm from 10 MHz to 2 GHz
  • Lightweight with small footprint
  • 40 MHz analysis bandwidth (option)
  • Internal signal generator


14 lb.

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