Tektronix P6205 Single-Ended Low Voltage Probe

Manufacturer: Tektronix
Model Number: P6205
The Tektronix P6205 FET probe is an active 10X-attenuating probe that is compatible with Tektronix TDS 500 Series, DSA 600 Series, 11000 Series, and CSA 404 oscilloscopes and plug-in units. The P6205 probe provides high-frequency measurement capability without the capacitive loading and performance limitations inherent in passive resistive-divider type probes. FETs are used in the P6205 to establish the characteristic high input impedance at high frequency of an active probe. The P6205 features a 750 MHz bandwidth with an input impedance of 1 MΩ in parallel with 2 pF. You must terminate the P6205 probe output into 50 Ω. The P6205 includes the TEKPROBE™ Level 2 interface. When used with a fully TEKPROBE interface-compatible oscilloscope, the P6205 probe is powered by the host instrument and provides the oscilloscope with the probe model number, serial number, and attenuation factor. When installed on a fully compatible oscilloscope, the oscilloscope channel input is automatically set to 50 Ω and the display readouts are corrected for the probe attenuation factor.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


  • DC to 750 MHz
  • Low Input C, High Input R – Minimizes circuit under test loading: 2 pF Input C, 1 MΩ Input R
  • Probe Power Directly from CSA, DSA, TDS or 11000 Series TEKPROBE BNC Interfaces – Means no additional cables or power supplies required
  • Readout Coding for 10X Attenuation – Reduces confusion and errors in measurement readings
  • Rise time: <467 ps
  • Propagation delay – probe tip to output connector measured at waveform 50% points: 6.72 ns ±200 ps
  • Linearity
    • Linear input range: ±10 V
    • Linearity error relative to full-scale output with ±10 V input: <4%
  • DC Thermal drift
    • Less than ±100 mV/° C
    • For scopes that recognize probe coding: ±1 mV on screen
  • Output load requirement: 50 Ω ±0.5%
  • Maximum nondestructive input voltage: 40 VDC + peak AC

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