Rohde & Schwarz NRT-Z44 Directional Power Sensor

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: NRT-Z44

The R&S NRT-Z44 is a directional power sensor for the R&S NRT power reflection meter. Power Sensors R&S NRT-Z can be used as self-contained measuring instruments with digital interface even without the base unit.

In addition to a directional coupler and analogue section, they comprise a processor kernel for control of the hardware and remote interface and for processing the measured data (temperature compensation, linearization, zeroing and frequency-response correction).


  • Frequency range: 200 MHz to 4 GHz
  • Power range AVG (Average): 3 mW to 120 W
  • Power range PEP (Peak): 0.4 to 300 W
  • 2 Measurement channels for forward and reverse power
  • Connectors : N female on both ends
  • Compatible with NRT Power Meter
  • Direct Power Monitoring on PC through NRT-Z3 (via RS-232 interface) or NRT-Z4 (via PC Card Interface Adapter)

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