Rohde & Schwarz NRP8SN Three-Path Diode Power Sensor

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: NRP8SN
The R&S®NRP8SN three-path diode power sensor is a self-contained, fully characterized instrument. They can be operated with the R&S®NRP2 base unit, with a laptop/ PC via USB, and with many Rohde & Schwarz instruments (e.g. signal generators, signal and spectrum analyzers, network analyzers). The R&S®NRP8SN power sensors additionally offer LAN capability, allowing remote control over large distances.


  • 10,000 triggered measurements/s
  • More than 50,000 readings/s
  • Unprecedented measurement speed and accuracy even at low levels
  • Ideal for universal applications
  • Remote monitoring via LAN over any distance
  • Detachable cables for flexible operation
  • 93 dB dynamic range thanks to innovative three-path concept
  • Built-in trigger I/O port.

N = LAN interface.

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