Keysight N9068A Phase Noise Measurement Application

Manufacturer: Keysight
Model Number: N9068A
The N9068A phase noise measurement application is one in a common library of more than 25 measurement applications in the Keysight X-Series, an evolutionary approach to signal analysis that spans instrumentation, measurements and software. Transforming the X-Series signal analyzers and MXE EMI receivers into a phase noise tester with convenient one-button operation, automating the measurement procedure. View the phase noise from frequency offset 1 Hz. View the phase noise behavior of the signal under test across decades of offset frequencies with the log plot. Use AM rejection in the log plot so that you observe only the phase component. Characterize phase noise related behaviors from different angles for various applications with multiple markers with various marker functions. Signal Tracking provides a simultaneous view of phase noise and delta frequency in time domain. Working with N9030A PXA and external mixer, it enables phase noise measurements with the carrier frequency up to 50 GHz and beyond.


  • One-button measurements for analyzing phase noise in frequency domain (log plot) and time domain (spot frequency)
  • Compatible with phase noise measurement personality in Keysight PSA and ESA spectrum analyzers
  • Runs inside the PXA, MXA, EXA signal analyzers and MXE EMI receiver
  • Measurements Log plot: Phase noise view in frequency domain including DANL floor and integrated noise measurements along with spurious table
  • Spot frequency: Phase noise view in time domain including carrier frequency drift measurement
  • Monitor spectrum: Easy-to-use simple spectrum view for a quick check of your signal
  • IQ waveform: Easy-to-use simple time domain view
  • Performance (hardware dependent) Phase noise density accuracy: up to ±0.20 dB
  • Offset frequency accuracy: ±0.5 %
  • Base instrument phase noise (typical with center frequency = 1 GHz) -128 dBc/Hz
  • License key upgradable Fixed and transportable license available
  • SCPI remote user interface.
  • Transportable Perpetual License

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