Keysight N9051B Pulse Measurement Software

Manufacturer: Keysight
Model Number: N9051B
With today's dynamic and evolving radar and electronic warfare environment, Keysight offers pulse analysis capabilities with the N9067C Pulse Measurement Application and the 89601B VSA software with option BHQ for pulse analysis. You can characterize the most complex threat environments with advanced triggering, statistical analysis, fixed and variable segmented capture, record and playback and pulse descriptor word (PDW) capture and export. Both analysis software solutions can be used on the Multi-Touch X-Series Signal Analyzers. Add real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) with dual-domain analysis for additional measurement capability. The 89601B-BHQ VSA software can be used with over 20 Keysight spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes and digitizers, depending on your measurement needs. The N9051B pulse measurement software is one of more than 25 measurement applications in the Keysight X-Series, an evolutionary approach to signal analysis that spans instrumentation, measurements and software. The combination of the N9051B and a Keysight signal analyzer performs calibrated pulse analysis for signals up to 50 GHz in carrier frequency. Quickly characterize pulse performance using a wide range of parameters, such as pulse width and pulse repetition interval (PRI) for each pulse. With Option 3FP, it is possible to analyze frequency and phase measurements; this enables analysis of chirp fidelity or phase modulation. Option 4FP provides Extended Analysis features, including trend behavior and histogram statistics for up to 200,000 pulses. Option 5FP enables "deep capture", up to 50 MSa. Characterize pulse performance using a wide range of parameters including pulse width, PRI (pulse repetition interval), power, rise-/fall-time and much more in accordance with IEEE 181 standards. Pulse phase and frequency measurements allow measurements for pulse-to-pulse phase changes or chirp analysis. Analyze >25 parameters on up to 200,000 individual pulses, via CSV table file export (up to 1,050 pulses viewable in display table). Characterize statistics, trends, and distributions of data-sets of 200,000 pulses, even if acquired over multiple acquisitions. Statistical analysis can be done visually by viewing data values over time and with histograms, or by viewing metrics such as mean, max, min, std. deviation, RMS, and more.


  • View pulsed RF and microwave signals in time-domain
  • Display pulsed signals in a power-vs-time trace, up to 50 GHz and bandwidth up to 160 MHz (depending on configuration), expanding the usefulness of your spectrum analyzer Intuitive “zoom” feature give you a closer examination of fine details within a long acquisition
  • Up to 10 markers, including delta-markers , allow easy measurements of power differences and time intervals
  • Runs inside the X-Series signal analyzers with Windows 7 operating system (standard)
  • Automatic pulse measurements Base product (Option 2FP, required) automatically finds the pulses, characterizes both magnitude and time parameters, and displays them pulse-by-pulse in a table
  • Parameters include: pulse width, PRI or PRF, duty cycle; rise- or fall-time, droop, overshoot, ripple and more
  • Phase and frequency (Option 3FP) enable pulse-to-pulse phase, bandwidth, start/stop frequency, chirp slope, chirp deviation and more
  • Extended analysis (Option 4FP) allows for statistical analysis of large data-sets (up to 200,000 pulses) with trend analysis or histogram plots Performance (hardware dependent)
  • Acquisition depth: Up to 50 MSa (with Option 5FP) – over 100x greater than the N9051A
  • Number of pulses (max): Up to 200,000 (via CSV file export); ~1000 displayed in table Rise time (min): ~ 15 ns (for 160 MHz BW)
  • Pulse width (min): ~ 30 ns (for 160 MHz BW).
  • Transportable Perpetual License

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