Keysight N8735A Power Supply

Manufacturer: Keysight
Model Number: N8735A
Keysight basic DC power supplies offer essential features for a tight budget. The Keysight N8735A is a 30V, 110A, 3300W, single output power supply in a small 2U package. It offers flexible AC input options, analog/resistance control of output voltage and current, as well as parallel and series connection of multiple supplies to achieve more output current or voltage respectively.


DC Output Ratings:

  • Voltage: 30V
  • Current: 110A
  • Power: 3300W

Programming Accuracy:

  • Voltage: 0.05% + 15mV
  • Current: 0.1% + 220mA
  • Output Ripple and Noise CV p-p: 60mV CV rms: 8mV. N8731A-230 DC Power Supply 190-240V, 1 phase AC, 50/60Hz INPUT (use with LINE CORD OPT 831 or 832)

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