MZEC1 MiniZap ESD Simulator

Manufacturer: Keytek Corporation
Model Number: MZEC1
The MiniZap is a battery operated, hand-held 15kV ESD test simulator for performing contact mode and air discharge mode testing. It is the defacto industry standard for ESD testing of products at the system level. The MiniZap allows users to meet both the 0.7 to 1.0ns rise time requirements of IEC 61000-4-2 as well as perform "real-world" testing with faster rise time waves to determine how a product will really survive in its intended environment. ESD is considered by many to be the most common cause of failure in microprocessor-based equipment. Therefore, testing of such systems demands clean, reproducible waveforms to avoid producing failures where none would exist in the field. The MiniZap waveforms not only meet the requirements of current standards, but also meets the requirements for waveform purity when verified using a wide bandwidth instrument. The MiniZap is capable of up to 15kV air and 8.8kV contact testing and offers a wide s Ground Connect Warning. The MZEC1 is an MZ-15/EC with TPC-1, TPF-1, and 50-MZ.


  • Test Standard(s): IEC 801-2
  • Test Type: Air + Contact Discharge
  • Air Discharge Voltage: 0.5kV
  • Furniture ESD simulation
  • ANSI C63.16 Digital LCD display
  • Lock on w/ safety interlock

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