RTX Multi-Level Modulation DECT RF Tester RTX2018

Manufacturer: RTX
Model Number: RTX2018
MLM (Multi-Level Modulation) DECT RF Tester RTX2018 - performs all key RF measurements on multi-level modulation products using for example the Dialog 14495 MLM DECT chipand legacy DECT using GFSK modulation . The RTX2018 is the third generation of DECT RF testers on the market and supports all frequency bands – European DECT, North American DECT, Japanese DECT and Korean DECT. The RTX2018 consists of an RTX software application and a Rohde & Schwarz CMW100 (hardware).The RTX2018 allows users to communicate with the DUT (Device Under Test) through UART or USB while performing all the key RF measurements. The comprehensive non-signaling application is well-suited for both R&D and manufacturing.

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