Tektronix MDO4024C Six-in-One Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

Manufacturer: Tektronix
Model Number: MDO4024C
The Tektronix MDO4024C 200 MHz, 4-Channel, 5 GS/s Mixed Domain Oscilloscope, 20M Record Length includes a spectrum analyzer, arbitrary/function generator, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer and DVM/frequency counter. The MDO4024C has the performance you need to solve the toughest embedded design challenges quickly and efficiently. When configured with an integrated spectrum analyzer, it is the only instrument that provides simultaneous and synchronized acquisition of analog, digital and spectrum, ideal for incorporating wireless communications (IoT) and EMI troubleshooting. The MDO4024C is completely customizable and fully upgradable so you can add the instruments you need now, or later.


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