Keysight E4991B Impedance Analyzer KS E4991B

Manufacturer: Keysight
Model Number: E4991B
The E4991B Impedance Analyzer with a frequency range of 1 MHz to 3 GHz, 0.65% basic accuracy over wide impedance range, material measurement options for temperature characteristics analysis and direct read function of permittivity and permeability.


The Keysight E4991B Impedance Analyzer is the perfect solution for characterizing and evaluating electronic components, semiconductor devices, and materials.

  • Three upgradable frequency options: 1 MHz to 500 MHz/1 GHz/3 GHz
  • Basic accuracy ±0.65% and 120 mΩ to 52 kΩ impedance range (10% measurement accuracy range)
  • Measurement parameters: |Z|, |Y|, θ, R, X, G, B, L, C, D, Q, |Γ|, Γx, Γy, θΓ, Vac, Iac, Vdc1, Idc1 (1. Option 001 is required)
  • Built-in DC bias (Option 001): 0 V to ±40 V, 0 A to ±100 mA
  • 4-channel & 4-trace on 10.4-inch color LCD with touch screen
  • Data analysis function: Equivalent circuit analysis, limit line test
  • Dielectric/magnetic material measurement (Option 002): |εr|, εr’, εr”, tanδ(ε), |μr|, μr’, μr”, tanδ(μ)
  • Temperature characteristics measurement (Option 007) and reliable on–wafer measurement (Option 010) capabilities


41 lb.

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