Keysight 8498A Coaxial fixed attenuator, 30 dB

Manufacturer: Keysight

Superior RF Performance

  • frequency range: DC to 18 GHz
  • maximum SWR: 1.15 to 8 GHz, 1.25 to 12.4 GHz, 1.3 to 18 GHz

Power Handling

  • maximum input power: 25 W (average), 500 W (peak, DC to 5.8 GHz), 125 W (peak, 5.8 to 18 GHz)


  • connector: Type-N male, female

The Keysight 8498A Option 030 is designed to meet the needs of high power attenuation applications in the RF and microwave frequency range. It is a 25 watt average, 30 dB fixed attenuator with a frequency range of DC to 18 GHz. The attenuator offers peak power of 500 W up to 5.8 GHz and a low SWR of 1.15 up to 8 GHz. Accuracy is plus or minus 1 dB over the entire range. The unit features human-engineered cooling fins that prevent operator burns even under continuous maximum input power conditions.

What's Included

8498A: Coaxial fixed attenuator, 30 dB ### 8498A-030: 25 W average power capability; 30 dB ### R-51B-001-C: Return to Keysight Warranty – 1 year

Key Specifications

Attenuation: 30 dB; Attenuator Type: Attenuator; Connector Type: Type-N, 50 ohm; Frequency Range: DC to 18 GHz

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