Keysight 8496A 0-110 dB manual step attenuator, 0-4 GHz

Manufacturer: Keysight

Superior RF Performance

  • Frequency range: dc to 4 GHz
  • Insertion loss at 0 dB: 0.6 dB + 0.09 dB/GHz
  • Maximum SWR: 1.5

Repeatability and Life Span

  • Repeatability life: 0.03 dB max 5 million cycles per section, typical
  • 5 million cycles per section

Power handling

  • Maximum RF input power: 1 W (average), 100 W (peak)


The Keysight 8496A dc to 4 GHz manual step attenuator offers exceptional repeatability and reliability. Attenuation is provided in 10 dB steps from 0 to 110 dB. Precision gold-plated leaf springs ensure long life (over 5 million cycles) and very high attenuator repeatability (typically 0.01 dB). To improve measurement accuracy, NIST traceable data (SWR and attenuation) is available as Option UK6. Custom step attenuator/switch combinations are possible. The Keysight 11716A/B/C interconnect kits provide quick connection of Keysight 8494/5/6/7 1 dB and 10 dB step attenuators in series for greater dynamic ran ge with 1 dB steps.

For more information about RF step attenuator, please visit 10 dB RF Step attenuators.

What's Included

8496A: 0-110 dB manual step attenuator, 0-4 GHz ### 8496A-001: Type-N (f) connectors ### R-51B-001-C: Return to Keysight Warranty – 1 year

Key Specifications

Attenuation Range: 0 to 110 dB; Attenuator Type: Manual Step Attenuator; Frequency Range: DC to 4 GHz; Maximum SWR: 1.5; Step Size: 10 dB

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