Instek GKT-008 EMI Near Field Probe Set

Manufacturer: GW Instek
Model Number: GKT-008
Simplify the complicated EMC measurement and debugging! The continuous integration and complication of consumer electronics have produced numerous electromagnetic radiation sources. EMC tests can ensure various electronics products’ safety and effectiveness. In order to reduce the development cost and shorten development time, more and more companies are now focusing on EMC planning at the preliminary design phase. In addition to sending products to the lab, they are also looking for or try to establish an EMC solution which is cost effective and test effective diagnosis method. GW Instek introduces the latest and comprehensive EMC pre-compliance testing solution to meet customers’ requirements of EMC conduction and radiation testing during product development and verification stages. The EMC pre-compliance testing mode is ideal for electronics product development. With this solution, users can resolve problems at the earliest phase to avoid reconfiguration once the product development was finalized. Reducing product development cycles and verification laboratory fees are conducive to expediting the process of product verification and launch time.


  • Simplify the complicated EMC measurement and debugging
  • Including Conduction EMI Testing, Radiation EMI Testing
  • GSP-9330 Spectrum analyzer with EMI Mode
  • GKT-008 EMI Probe Set for pretest
  • GLN-5040A LISN for conduction testing
  • GIT-5060 AC isolated transformer
  • GPL-5010 Transient Limiter

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