Rohde & Schwarz HZ-14 Active E and H Near-Field Probe Set

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: HZ-14
The R&S®HZ-14 probe set for E and H near-field measurements is a tool for detecting EMC trouble spots. It allows the identification and elimination of disturbance sources as well as the detection of spots sensitive to electromagnetic interference at an early stage of product development, which reduces the time to market. The R&S®HZ-14 is mainly used for diagnosing radiated emissions from printed boards, ICs, cables, leakage spots in shielded enclosures and similar sources of electromagnetic interference. The ergonomic design of the probes ensures easy handling. Radiated emission sources can be easily located owing to the small size of the probe tips. Since the H-field probes are passive when operated without a preamplifier, they can also be used to find EMI-sensitive components and modules forming part of instruments or printed boards. The effectiveness of RFI suppression measures or the shielding provided by various types of enclosures and designs can be easily tested with the HZ-14 probe set.

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