Fluke Hydra Series II Data Bucket

Manufacturer: Fluke
Model Number: FLK2635A
The 2635A Hydra Series II Data Bucket is a 21-channel data logging instrument that measures and records the following electrical and physical parameters: dc volts, ac volts, resistance, frequency, and temperature. Temperature measurements are via thermocouples or resistance-temperature detectors (RTDs). Other parameters can be measured with an appropriate transducer, such as air pressure/vacuum (using a Fluke PV350 transducer module) or DC current (using a Fluke 2600A-101 shunt resistor). When the 2635A scans channels configured for measurement, readings can be displayed, printed out, and recorded. Virtually any analog input may be applied without external signal conditioning. The inputs for channels 1 through 20 are via a Universal Input Module, which plugs into the rear of the unit for a quick connect/disconnect capability. Channel 0 measurements are via the front panel input jacks using test leads. The 2635A Hydra Data Bucket is the ideal choice for gathering and transporting large volumes of data and for working extended periods from remote locations. It offers:
  • Flexible storage. The Hydra Data Bucket comes with a PCMCIA card and can be equipped with memory cards to suit your data storage needs.
  • Versatile data transfer. Data may be uploaded from these cards via the Hydra RS-232 port, the optional 263XA-803 memory card drive, or from your computer’s standard PCMCIA slot. You can transfer real-time data to a PC at the same time it is recorded to the memory card.
  • Quick setup. Simply push a few front panel buttons or load instrument setups from the memory card.
  • Fail-safe features. The Hydra Data Bucket warns of a low battery or low memory condition on the memory card. Its internal memory buffer continues to store up to 70 scans while the card is removed and replaced.


10 lb.

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