Rohde and Schwarz HMP2030 Programmable Power Supply

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: HMP2030
Ideal for use in industrial production environments and in development labs. Depending on the model, the total operating performance is 188 W or 384 W, offering 80 W or 160 W per channel. Low residual ripple due to linear post-regulators and high setting/read-back resolution make it the right choice for any sophisticated application. Remote sensing eliminates voltage drops on the load leads in order to compensate long leads to the DUT. Comfortable programming features and 19" rackmount kits ensure perfect integration in production environments. The four power supply units R&S®HMP2020, R&S®HMP2030, R&S®HMP4030 and R&S®HMP4040 offer you the choice between 2, 3 and 4 channels with a total operating performance of 188 or 384 watt. Depending on the model, you have up to 80 or 160 watt available per channel. In addition to the 80 watt channel the R&S®HMP2020 model also offers you a 160 watt channel. In the R&S®HMP series, the measured output voltage and current as well as the resulting output power are displayed in real time.


20 lb.

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