Rohde & Schwarz HMF2525 Arbitrary Function Generator

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: HMF2525
The Rohde and Schwarz HMF2525 arbitrary function generator features a 25MHz bandwidth with 14 bit resolution, 250MSample/s sample rate and 8ns rise time. The HMF2525 offers users a variety of standard waveforms, as well as powerful arbitrary signal functionality. Users can choose from numerous pre-defined shapes including sine, rectangle and triangle, as well as customer specific, arbitrary curve shapes with a signal length up to 256 kPts. Arbitrary waveforms can be developed with the included PC software and transferred to the instrument via the HO720 interface, or in CSV format via the front side USB connector. The operation modes burst, wobble, gating, internal and external triggering and the modulation functions AM, FM, PM, PWM and FSK (in each case int. and ext.) can be applied on all respective signal shapes (e.g. pulse width modulation is only applicable to pulse signals). Particular emphasis has also been put on a powerful and practice oriented pulse generator. A pulse width can be chosen in the range of 15ns up to 999s with a resolution of 5ns, and rise/fall time from 8ns to 500ns - a very useful feature when characterizing input hysteresis of semi-conductor devices.

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