Rohde & Schwarz HM7042-5 Triple Power Supply Unit

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: HM7042-5
The R&S HM7042-5 triple supply offers a cost-effective alternative to many standard supplies on the market. In addition to low ripple and high efficiency, the HM7042-5 sports all features to be expected of a lab supply. There are three independent output voltages. These may be series or parallel connected to obtain higher voltages or higher currents. The HM7042-5 also has current limiting as well as overcurrent disconnect. The HM7042-5 contains linear regulators which deliver well regulated low ripple output voltages. Separate displays for voltages and currents indicate the levels set. The HM7042-5 also sports a finely adjustable current limit which protects the loads connected.

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