Rohde & Schwarz HE300 Active Directional Antenna With GPS/Electronic Compass

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: ROHHE300
The practical and very wideband R&S®HE300 active directional antenna locates transmitters and interference sources when combined with portable receivers (e.g. R&S®PR100). The three exchangeable antenna modules supplied with the antenna cover the 20 MHz to 7.5 GHz frequency range. An additional module (R&S®HE300HF for 9 kHz to 20 MHz) is available as an option. The modules can be plugged into the handle with the correct orientation for vertical or horizontal polarization and then mechanically locked in place. A built-in, low-noise wideband amplifier can be activated to enhance system sensitivity (active mode). In passive mode, the amplifier is bypassed so that the R&S®HE300 can also be used in the vicinity of strong signal sources. Two different models of the R&S®HE300 are available. Model .02 contains an analog compass for bearing determination; model .03 is equipped with an integrated GPS receiver and an electronic compass. When used with the R&S®PR100 portable receiver, the potential target can easily be located on a map using the triangulation feature. Active Directional Antenna - 20 MHz to 7500 MHz / N Male. Portable directional antenna for tracing signal transmitters and interference sources. The frequency range from 20 MHz to 7.5 GHz is covered by three exchangeable antenna modules. RF module 1, 20 MHz to 200 MHz. RF module 2, 200 MHz to 500 MHz. RF module 3 500 MHz to 7.5 GHz. Input impedance 50 ohms. VSWR typ. <2.5. Power supply 6 × 1.5 V DC, size: AA; respectively 6 rechargeable batteries, size: AA. Connector N male. See ROHHE300HF for the optional loop antenna, 9kHz-20MHz. Shipping weight 62 lbs. No cal required


3.3 lb.

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