GW Instek ASR-6000 Series High Performance AC/DC Power Source

Manufacturer: GW Instek
SR-6000 is the first stand-alone unit from GW Instek that supports AC single/three-phase input and output, and has rated DC power output. The series employs third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide (SiC) technology to create a 4U 6kVA high power density and high-performance AC /DC power source. ASR-6000 has the ability to emulate more diverse power environment changes, such as balanced three-phase and unbalanced three-phase, phase loss, and features multi-channel output function can test up to three DUTs at the same time, programmable output impedance adjustment, and built-in over 40 types of arbitrary waveform outputs. The invincible launch of GW Instek flagship model ASR-6000 demonstrates that GW Instek can provide a complete test solution for high-power AC sources. ASR-6000 is the MVP of GW Instek power sources.


  • Adopts third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide (SiC) technology to create a 4U 6kVA high-performance AC/DC power source with high power density
  • AC input supports single-phase and three-phase, phase voltage 200V to 240V±10% (Delta or Y connection)
  • 10 output modes: including external input signal frequency and mains synchronization (SYNC), external voltage controlled internal amplifier output (VCA)
  • Multi-channel output function
  • Supports 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P4W output
  • AC maximum output phase voltage: 350Vrms line voltage: 700Vrms
  • AC balanced and unbalanced three-phase, phase loss output functions
  • Programmable output impedance adjustment
  • Dual-channel voltage/current output monitoring function
  • Voltage output rise time can be adjusted in three ranges
  • Supports sequence editing and emulation output mode


99 lb.

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