Instek GPR-11H30D Bench Power Supply

Manufacturer: GW Instek
Model Number: GPR-11H30D
The GPR-11H30D is a DC Power Supply designed to provide the most often requirement in the laboratory, schools and production lines. The output is continuously adjusting between 0 to rating voltage in one range by range by means of a coarse and fine potentiometer, the load current may have any value from 0 to rating current and adjustable by means of a coarse and fine potentiometer. Both outputs can accurately read on voltmeter and ammeter. Both stability and ripple are extremely good to meet the requirements of modern circuit design. The unit can be used as either constant voltage or current source. For applications when outputs greater than rating V is need, the unit can be connected up in series, for applications in audio production lines, the continuous or dynamic load internal selectable. The high regulation and low ripple/noise make the GPR-H series suitable for high-end bench-top applications requiring precision.

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