Rohde & Schwarz FS-Z90 Harmonic Mixer

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: FS-Z90
The R&S®FS-Z60 / R&S®FS-Z75 / R&S®FS-Z90 / R&S®FS-Z110 / R&S®FS-Z140 / R&S®FS-Z170 / R&S®FS-Z220 / R&S®FS-Z325 / R&S®FS-Z500 harmonic mixers extend the frequency range of Rohde & Schwarz analyzers up to 500 GHz. Due to their double-diode design, the mixers are operated without any additional biasing. No frequency dependent adjustment of bias current is needed - an invaluable feature for automated measurements. The frequency dependent conversion loss is calibrated over the entire frequency range. The large number of frequency points included in the resulting conversion loss table provides high level accuracy during measurements. The conversion loss table comes in file format with each mixer and can be loaded directly into the analyzer, which makes mixer configuration very easy. All analyzer models offering the LO/IF ports for external mixers support the harmonic mixers (B21 option required).

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