Keysight E4402B ESA-E Spectrum Analyzer

Manufacturer: Keysight
Model Number: E4402B
ESA-E standard analyzer. For general spectrum analysis of RF or microwave signals. Includes an advanced set of firmware features and functions in an upgradable platform. Optional measurement features available such as noise figure and phase noise.


  • Frequency: 100 Hz to 3.0 GHz
  • 0.4 dB overall amplitude accuracy +16 dBm TOI
  • -166 dBm DANL, with internal preamp
  • 1 Hz narrow resolution bandwidth (optional) Phase Noise, Noise Figure, GSM/EDGE, cdmaOne and more
  • Measurement Applications Includes PowerSuite one-button RF power measurements, 10 MHz analysis bandwidth, Segmented sweep for up to 32 discontinuous spans in one sweep
  • Rugged and portable for lab grade performance in the field 5 minute warm-up to guaranteed measurement accuracy.

OP01 includes: 1DN = Tracking generator. A4H = HPIB/Centronics interface. BAA = FM demodulation. B72 = Increase usable memory to 10MB. B75 = 1D5-1DR-1DS. 1D5 = High stability frequency reference. 1DR = Narrow resolution bandwidths. 1DS = Preamp.

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