Tektronix DPO2CONN Connectivity Module for MSO/DPO2000B

Manufacturer: Tektronix
Model Number: DPO2CONN
Adds Ethernet and VGA video monitor ports to MSO2000B, DPO2000B, MSO2000, and DPO2000 Series oscilloscopes. Ethernet port (10/100Base_T) provides remote access and control from applications including Web browsers, e*Scope and OpenChoice Desktop. Video Monitor port displays oscilloscope screen on external monitor or projector. To view oscilloscope screen contents with external video device, connect monitor or video projector to Video Out port on module. Set monitor/projector to optimally display oscilloscope screen. No need to enable video output on oscilloscope; video output is always available when oscilloscope is powered on. See e*Scope or OpenChoice Desktop user documentation for information on how to remotely access or control MSO/DPO2000B or MSO/DPO2000 Series Oscilloscopes. You can also use your preferred Web browser application to view and remotely control your instrument. Enter IP address of instrument in Web browser address field to view instrument's Web page DHCP/BOOTP mode lets instrument automatically obtain network address information from network. When you power on instrument, module connects with network and obtains network settings (IP address, Domain name, Gateway address, and so on) Manual network settings procedure lets you assign instrument name, network IP address, Domain name, Gateway address, etc. to instrument. Permanent IP address lets you use same address to remotely access instrument. For use with MSO/DPO2000B and MSO/DPO2000 Series.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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