Keysight B2985A Electrometer/High Resistance Meter

Manufacturer: Keysight
Model Number: B2985A
The B2985A Electrometer/High Resistance Meter is the world’s only graphical electrometer that allows you to confidently measures small currents with 0.01 fA (0.01 x 10-15 A) resolution and large resistances of up to 10 PO (10 x 1015 O). It possesses a 4.3” color LCD with a graphical user interface that provides trend chart and histogram data in addition to numeric information. These front-panel capabilities enable you to capture transient behavior and to perform quick statistical analyses without a PC. The available Setup Integrity Checker software option allows you to compare the noise levels of different cabling and fixturing arrangements to help isolate external noise sources.


Key measurement specifications:

  • 0.01 fA minimum measurement resolution
  • 10 P maximum resistance measurement with 1000 V source
  • 20,000 readings/s

Graphical capabilities:

  • Time domain view to capture transients
  • Histogram view to perform quick data analysis
  • Other X-Y plots (I-V, I-t, R-t, Q-t, I-R, etc.)

Other key functionalities and capabilities:

  • Setup integrity checker software (Option)
  • Easy-to-use auto navigation
  • Real-time Noise Monitor

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