Tektronix TCA-1MEG High-impedance Buffer Amplifier System

Manufacturer: Tektronix
Model Number: TCA-1MEG

TekConnect® TCA-1MEG Buffer Amplifier System Expands the Functionality of Tektronix High-performance Oscilloscopes

The TCA-1MEG high-impedance buffer amplifier system extends the capabilities of Tektronix high-performance oscilloscopes, making them ideal for a variety of general-purpose measurements. The TCA-1MEG amplifier system provides a 1 MΩ path that is easily removed and replaced with a wide array of TekConnect probes, amplifiers, and adapters.

This amplifier system delivers versatility to Tektronix high-performance oscilloscopes through the addition of input coupling (selectable), bandwidth limit (selectable), and a 1 MΩ input that provides access to a wide array of measurement solutions. These solutions include general-purpose passive probes, high-voltage probes (passive single-ended and active differential), microvolt differential probes, and current probes.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Product Features:

  • Bandwidth – DC to ≥500 MHz
  • Input Impedance – 1 MΩ / 10 pF
  • Bandwidth Limiting – Full/100 MHz/20 MHz
  • Input Coupling – DC/AC/GND
  • Includes P6139A, 500 MHz, 10x Passive Probe
  • TekConnect Interface Delivers Superior Signal Fidelity, Unparalleled Versatility, and Ease-of-use



  • Verification, Characterization, and Debug of Sophisticated Designs in Communications, Computer, and Semiconductor Electronic Environments
  • Jitter and Timing Analysis (Computer Systems)
  • Disk Drive Analysis
  • Investigation of Transient Phenomena
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Power Supplies/Inverters (Switching and Linear)
  • Semiconductor Devices (SCRs, IGBTs, FETs, CMOS)
  • Electronic Ballasts
  • Industrial/Consumer Electronics
  • Mobile Communications (Phone, Satellite, Relay Stations)
  • Motor Drives
  • Transportation Systems (Electronic Vehicles, Electric Trains, Locomotives, Avionics)

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