Keysight 85133F Flexible Cable Set

Manufacturer: Keysight
Model Number: 85133F
The Keysight 85133F is a 63 cm (25 in) long1 flexible cable set composed of a 2.4 mm female2 to PSC-2.4 mm female connector and a 2.4 mm female2 to 2.4 mm male connector. Cable frequency range is DC to 50 GHz with a return loss of greater than or equal to 15 dB. Insertion loss is 0.450 + 0.013F + 0.300√F, where f is frequency in GHz, for the test port connector and 3.22 dB at maximum frequency for the device connector. Phase stability of semi-rigid/flexible cables is specified with a 90 degree bend using a 2.5 inch radius. Stability1 of the Keysight 85133F is less than 0.08 dB and phase is 0.08°*f + 0.5°¬, where f is frequency measured in GHz.
  1. Cable length and stability are supplemental characteristics.
  2. Special rugged female connector is designed specifically for connecting to the network analyzer test port, but does not mate with a standard male connector.

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