Chroma 63xxxA High Power DC Electronic Load

Manufacturer: Chroma Systems Solutions
Model Number: 63xxx
Chroma's 63200A series high power electronic loads with built in digital signal microprocessors (200MHz) provide optimal speed and control performance. The ultra-high density power (6kW@4U) not only saves room, its super high voltage (0.015%+0.015%F.S.) and current (0.04%+0.04%F.S.) measurement accuracy ensures the dependability of test results. In addition, the entire series can either be operated by hand or controlled remotely. For higher power demands, master/slave control can be used to parallel multiple units for operation. These electronic loads also have synchronous loading capabilities to simulate actual loading status. The 63200A series is complete with 150V, 600V and 1200V voltage ranges and 3kW to 24kW power ranges. The maximum current of a single unit is 2000A and up to 240kW when paralleled. These high power DC electronic loads are designed for testing server power supplies, A/D power supplies, batteries and energy storage systems, EV/EVSE, solar, and other power electronics. Differentiators Highest accuracy found in any high power DC load Highest power density available (6kW @4U) The sine wave loading function allows for the setting of a current bias (I_DC), a loading sine wave (I_AC), and the sine wave frequency User defined waveform (UDW) and external signal control functions to simulate real world current waveforms Auto frequency dynamic sweep function The digitizing function allows for the recording of both voltage and current waveforms Complex operating modes including CR+CC, CV+CR and CV+CC modes Smart PWM fan speed control reduces unnecessary fan noise Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) display avoids heat problems found in other displays. 63203A-150-300 High Power DC Electronic Load 150V/300A/3kW(3U) A636000 GPIB Interface [63600/63200A]


Rated power : 3kW – 24kW, max. 240kW (parallel) Voltage range : 60V, 150V, 600V, 1200V Current range : 2000A max. per unit CC, CR, CV & CP operation modes CR+CC, CR+CV, CC+CV complex modes Up to 20 units master/slave parallel control Dynamic synchronous control in static and dynamic loads User defined waveform (UDW) CZ mode for turn on capacitive load simulation External loading current simulation Auto frequency sweep up to 50kHz Real time power supply load transient response simulation & Vpk+/- measurement User programmable 255 sequential front panel input status Ultra high precision voltage & current measurement Precision high speed digitizing measurement/data capture Voltage, current & Pmax measurement for OCP/OLP test Timing & discharging measurement for batteries Instant overpower loading Short circuit simulation Smart fan control Full protection: OC (adjustable), OT, OP (adjustable) protection & OV warning Standard USB, optional Ethernet and GPIB interfaces


150 lb.

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