Keysight 34401A Digital Multimeter

Manufacturer: Keysight
Model Number: 34401A
The Keysight Technologies 34401A multimeter gives you the performance you need for fast, accurate bench and system testing. The 34401A provides a combination of resolution, accuracy and speed that rivals DMMs costing many times more. With 6 1/2 digits of resolution, 0.0015% basic 24-hr dcV accuracy and 1,000 readings/s direct to GPIB assure you of results that are accurate, fast, and repeatable.


  • 1000 readings/sec. direct to GPIB
  • Continuity and Diode Test functions
  • Null feature allows you to remove lead resistance and other fixed offsets in your measurements
  • Min / Max / Avg readouts
  • Direct dB and dBm measurements
  • Data Hold capability Store up to 512 readings in internal memory
  • Voltmeter
  • Complete and External Trigger signals provided so you can synchronize to other instruments
  • TTL output indicates Pass/Fail


12 lb.

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