Dranetz 3000 XLB-36 Dranflex Flexible Probe

Manufacturer: Dranetz/BMI
Model Number: HDFLEX3000XL
Flexible Probes are available in three lengths 24 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inch lengths and available in two maximum ranges of 3000 A RMS and 6000 A RMS. Each probe can be powered by battery or AC adapter and multiple probes can be powered by a single AC adapter. Flex probes are available as separate probes, or as four phase packages, which include power supply. All Flexible Probes listed here are compatible with Dranetz portable instruments: PowerXplorer, PowerGuide, PowerVisa, PowerGuia, Energy Platform, PP4300, 658 with CA4300 adapter; and Dranetz permanent instruments: Encore 61000 with 61MAC module, Signature System 5513. One 36" flex probe for HDPQ.

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