Chroma 19055 Guardian Hipot Analyzer

Manufacturer: Chroma Systems Solutions
Model Number: 19055
500VA output rating Hipot: AC 5kV/100mA - DC 6kV/20mA Insulation: 5kVmax - 1M?~50G? Output Frequency: 50Hz ~ 600HZ Floating output complies with EN50191 Corona Discharge Detection (CDD, 19055-C) Flashover Detection Discharge Level Analysis (DLA) Open/Short Check function (OSC) High Frequency Contact Check (HFCC) Ground Fault Interrupt Standard USB, RS-232, & HANDLER Interface Optional GPIB Key Lock when Fail Programmable Voltage and Test Limit CE Mark Supports A190301 8HV Scanning Box 2-Year factory warranty. Hipot: AC 5kV/100mA, DC 6kV/20mA. Insulation: 5kVmax, 1MOhms-50GOhms. Output Frequency: 50Hz-600HZ. RS232/USB/Handler Standard.


57 lb.

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