Chroma 19032 Electrical Safety Analyzer

Manufacturer: Chroma Systems Solutions
Model Number: 19032
Electrical safety testing is a major item in electrical product quality testing. All electrical products like adapters, SMPS, charges, house appliances, information technology products, and video products are required to undergo electrical safety testing. The 19032 series combines Hipot, Insulation Resistance (IR), Ground Bond (GB), Leakage Current (LC)/AC LC/DC LC and Dynamic Function Tests. Space savings can be up to 50% of production line space, through not purchasing multiple safety test instruments. The 19032 is able to increase the efficiency of electrical safety testing during manufacturing and reduce associated labor costs. Withstanding Voltage Test, DC .05-6kV, AC .05-5kV. Leakage Current Meter, AC .001mA-100mA, DC .1uA-25mA. Insulation Resistance Test, DC .05-1kV, IR Range .1Mohm-50Gohms. Ground Bond Test, Output Current AC 1-30A, GR Range 10mohms-510mohms. RS232/USB Interface is Standard. GPIB = A190508 GPIB interface.


59 lb.

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