Chroma 16502 Digital Milliohm Meter

Manufacturer: Chroma Systems Solutions
Model Number: CH 16502
The Chroma 16502 Milliohm Meter is Chroma’s newest digital Milliohm Meter. 0.001mΩ-1.9999MΩ wide measurement range. DC, Pulsed, and Dry-circuit test current driving modes enable the Chroma 16502 to be properly used in DC resistance measurements for various inductive components (coil, choke, and transformer winding etc.), cable, metallic contact (connector, relay switch etc.), and conductive materials.


Basic accuracy: 0.05%. Pulsed test current output mode is used to reduce thermal EMFs affection on milliohm measurement. DC test current output mode is used to fasten measurement speed for inductive DUT. Dry-circuit test current output mode (limited Max. 20mV) is used to measure such contact resistances where the maximum open-circuit voltage must be limited to 50mV. Temperature correction (TC function) regardless of material or temperature. Useful temperature conversion function for motor/ coil evaluation.


14 lb.

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