Rohde & Schwarz RTM4000 Oscilloscope 4 analog/16 digital channels

Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz
Model Number: ROHRTA4004
  Traditionally, excellent signal integrity has been overlooked in the benchtop class of instruments because it is hard to accomplish and also expensive for instrument manufacturers. Users have had to compromise on measurement accuracy to get an affordable instrument that they could use for everyday debugging and troubleshooting tasks. With the R&S®RTA4000, signal integrity was at the forefront when we designed it. The 10-bit A/D converter yields up to a fourfold improvement over conventional 8-bit A/D converters. The classleading low noise allows users to take advantage of this extra vertical resolution. You get sharper waveforms with signal details that would have been hidden on other oscilloscopes in this class. Oscilloscopes in the R&S®RTA4000 class have traditionally made users choose between deep memory and fast update rates. Each of these has its place, and having to choose one or the other means you may have the wrong tool for the problem you are addressing. The R&S®RTA4000 doesn't make you choose; it provides a fast update rate and ultra-deep memory to tackle any challenge that may come up. The R&S®RTA4000 provides users with more than just an oscilloscope. It includes a logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, spectrum analyzer, waveform and pattern generator and digital voltmeter. A large, high-resolution capacitive touchscreen with a widely acclaimed user interface makes it easy to take advantage of all these tools.  


❙ Bandwidth: 1 GHz
❙ Up to 1,000 Msample memory
❙ I2C/SPI, UART, CAN/LIN plus much more
❙ 10-bit ADC
❙ 10.1” Touch Display


27 lb.

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